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service items project instruction Business undertaker
1. Industry-academy cooperation projects Teachers’ Projects from private enterprises and government agencies Terrence Liu
2. Ministry of Science and Technology projects Related business such as application, modification, and closing of research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology Terrence Liu
3. Project assessment and rewards Assessment and rewards for teachers' projects Terrence Liu
4. Research results registration and reward assignments Journals, seminar papers, exhibitions, international competitions and other research results registration, teacher evaluation and reward assignments Ping-Hsuan Chen
5. Patent and technology transfer Patent application and technology transfer related business Ping-Hsuan Chen
6. Announcement of academic activities Announcement of academic activities Ping-Hsuan Chen
7. Comprehensive business of the Ministry of Science and Technology Applications to attend international seminars, research awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology, research projects for college students, etc. Ping-Hsuan Chen
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