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In 2011, the "Academic Development Center" and the "Industry-Academy Cooperation Center" have been merged into a single office, this office was further renamed in 2020 to become the "Academic & Industrial Cooperation Center". This office is responsible for various internal and external academy and industry related projects and activities.
The main business includes:
1. Handle related businesses subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, such as various special research projects, research projects for college students, etc.
2. Assist in the promotion of government subsidy project related business.
3. Handle applications for teachers’ research projects, signing contracts, application extensions, submission of results reports, filing and statistics, etc.
4. Handle the relevant administrative business of industrial cooperation projects such as design planning, enterprise management consulting, product research and development plans, exhibition activities and technical services entrusted by private organizations.
5. Reward teachers for their research plans and outcomes.
6. Promote patents and technology transfer from teachers or students.
7. Promote the compilation of teachers' professional services.
8. Promote teachers for guiding students to participate in projects from the Ministry of Education.
9. Assist in the establishment and performance control of cross-field integration centers.
10. Other administrative services related to academic and industry-academy cooperation.  
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